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Korea cell phone rental service
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We offer Korea cell phone rental service for the foreign tourists in Korea.

Free Incoming Calls.
You can return the phone at Incheon Airport, Gimpo Airport, Yeha Guesthouse.
Pre-Notification of Mobile Phone Number Service.
If you make an online reservation,we will inform you the cell phone number to be used in Korea 3 days in advance from the rental date.
If you tell your phone number in advance to your family, friends and co-workers prior to the departure to Korea, you can use the service in a more convenient way.

Online Reservation

Cell Phone Models

Samsung, LG, Smart phones with the latest model

A charge for using

Classify Rates
Rental Fee 2,970KRW /day
Calling Rates Domestic Calls 99KRW / 10 Sec
International Calls refer to International call rates
Incoming Calls Free
SMS(Text Message)
English, Korea
- Domestic : 110 KRW/Message
- International : 330 KRW/Message
- Incoming : Free
caller identification service (CID) Free
Unlimited data use (It only pertains to Smartphone) 5,500KRW / day

International call rates

Country Country code Rates(KRW/60sec) Country Country code Rates(KRW/60sec)
United States 1 792 Japan 81 950
China 86 1,056 Canada 1 970
France 33 1,049 Germany 49 1,049
Hongkong 852 1,049 Singapore 65 1,049
Taiwan 886 1,269 England 44 1,049
Australia 61 1,049      


  • Step1 : Online booking
  • Step2 : Visit Sroaming center after entering the Airport (Incheon or Kimpo) or Visit Yeha guesthouse in Jeju
  • Step3 : Fill out the application then open your credit card or put down a deposit
  • Step4 : Receive a mobile phone with manual
  • Step5 : Return the mobile phone to the Airport or to Yeha guest in Juju then charge for using.

Where to return

  • visit Sroaming Center located between Gate number 6 – 7 on The ground flower of Inchon airport before the departure then return the phone (We are open 24 hours a day)
  • Gimpo International airport: Sroaming Center at Gate number 3, right next to Sky city mall on the second floor (open 07:00~20:00)
  • Yeha guesthouse: 561-17, Samdo1 Jeju city, Jeju Special Self-Goverming province, open 08:00~21:00

You are not able to receive cell phones from Jeju air port and return them to Jeju air port as well.

What to prepare for reservation

  • Passport
  • Credit card


  • You don't need to put down a deposit if you open your credit card.
  • Customer without credit card can use the service by paying \ 300,000 deposit.
    The deposits can be made from �,000 to the amount you wish to use in Korean currency.
    Minimum Deposit \ 300,000

Indemnities for Lost Cell Phones

Please call (1688-7121) the Sroaming Center immediately in case of losing or damaging the mobile phone.

  • If you lose the phone, all services can be stopped to prevent creating additional charges. Please refer to the manual for the penalties on loss and damage.


  • We will check the amount of bill when you return the mobile phone. The bill can be paid in cash or using credit card at the Sroaming Center.
  • When you exceed the pre-arranged 400,000won calling limit,you will need to pay 400,000won for the phone bills that you have already used such that you can continue to use the cell phone in which you have rented.

Online Reservation