Course map

Seongpanak Course

  • It's the course you can get to the top of Mt.Halla but it's kind of boring. The slope is gentle so even children can climb up easil
  • From the top, it's possible to come downhill to Seongpanak or Gwaneumsa.

Course Infomation

Seongpanak~ Top(Baeknokdam)
9.6km, one way- Around 4hours needed
Chindalrae field Entry limited Time :
Summertime 13:00, Wintertime 12:00
If you get there before the time, you have to depart at least before 9AM from Seongpanak Rest Area.
Booth, Toilet
Seongpanak Rest Area, Chindalrae field Shelter

Traffic Infomation

By taxi:
Guesthouse → Seongpanak Rest Area : 20,000KRW
By bus:
Jeju Local Bus Terminal - Seongpanak Rest Area : 1,500KRW (35min)
From Jeju Local Bus Terminal, take a bus on the bus route of "5.16 Road" and get off at Seongpanak Rest Area.
Bus Service schedule:
06:00 ~ 21:30 15~ 20-minute intervals (78rounds in total)

Some Tips

  • To the halfway point, Sara Shelter, the slope is gentle so you can feel bored. After that, it's sloped
  • For the last 20minutes, it's so hard to trek.
  • In winter, you must prepare climbing irons(crampons).
    (At Seongpanak Rest Area canteen: 5,000KRW)
  • At Seongpanak Rest Area Booth, you can buy several kinds of things to eat and drink.
  • At Chindalrae Shelter, you can buy and have cup noodle and coffee.
  • The trail is composed of rocks so you should put on trek shoes or mountain-climbing boots.
  • It is the best course departing from Gwaneumsa and finishing at Seongpanak.