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Yeha Guesthouse is endorsed as Good Stay by the Korea Tourism Organization.
The Good Stay logo is the Korea Tourism Organization's promise of a reliable and affordable accommodation.

Free Service

You can enjoy Free that:
- Internet(WIFI),
- International Calls
- Breakfast(self Service)
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^^ 행복!!!! 제주와함께

Thanks for visiting Yeha G.H

딱좋은 날...소중한 사람들과

예하에서는∼..부끄러움은 곱게 접어 하늘위로∼∼∼

행복이 묻어나는 가족

Great job, great services, exceed expectations

Me, too

See you

엄마와 함께

4 beauties

A great day!!!!

sweet couple

French Beauyties

제주는 스쿠터 여행이죠???

beautiful a moment!!

1st Trip to Jeju



Impressive peacock!!

던지고!! 묻어버리고!!! 다시 빠샤!!!