Free Service

Free Rental

Free Breakfast

  • We provide guests with bread, eggs, jam, coffee and tea free of charge that you can enjoy in the dining room.

Free Internet(WIFI)

  • 24 hours free internet is available on the 1st floor and all rooms have access to the WIFI.

Free International Calls

  • You can make both domestic and international calls to 25 countries free of charge.

Cooking facility

  • Kitchen utensils are provided in the facility.
  • You should do the dishes by yourself.
  • We provide a special cooking utensils and cutlery (forks/spoons/plates) for Muslim usage.

Offering Drinking Water

  • A water purifier is available in the kitchen.


  • Washing machines can be used for free. Free washing powder provided
  • Drying machine (3,000KRW per load)


  • Small towel, hair drier, tissue
  • Shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toilet paper

All Priter & Fax

Keeping baggage

  • We can keep your baggage except valuables in the lounge for your convenience.
  • We do not guarantee for the missing.

Parking Information

  • Vehicle : Use the free parking lot next to the Guesthouse.
  • Motorcycle, bicycle : : Use the underground parking lot of the guesthouse.

Free international calls to available countries

※ The countries marked with an asterisk below are available for free calls to mobile phones as well.

Name of country code
※ Canada 1
※ Hong Kong 852
※ China 86
※ United States 1
Singapore 65
Japan 81