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Yeha Guesthouse is endorsed as Good Stay by the Korea Tourism Organization.
The Good Stay logo is the Korea Tourism Organization's promise of a reliable and affordable accommodation.

Free Service

You can enjoy Free that:
- Internet(WIFI),
- International Calls
- Breakfast(self Service)
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JEJU DAY TOUR only 80% Price

No Tipping!
No Optional Tours!
No Shopping!
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Good freindship∼

Thanks Zi∼

How was Jeju?

Handsome guys from Germany∼

Real happy hour!!레알 해피타임

쎄쎄Thank you^^

Nice stay and Nice tour!

다음에는 꼭 부모님과 함께∼

Message from German∼

축! 결혼 1주년!

Good friend∼

SEE ya Rachel and her husband∼

Thank you YEHA

Gorgeous ladies!!

WE love Korea and Jeju expecially

꽃같은 나! 별같은 나!

어떻게 살아야 할 것인가?

친절하고 편안한 예하

This is your life.

이것이 너의 삶이다.