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Yeha Guesthouse is endorsed as Good Stay by the Korea Tourism Organization.
The Good Stay logo is the Korea Tourism Organization's promise of a reliable and affordable accommodation.

Free Service

You can enjoy Free that:
- Internet(WIFI),
- International Calls
- Breakfast(self Service)
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JEJU DAY TOUR only 80% Price

No Tipping!
No Optional Tours!
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Beautiful smile ^^

Russian ladies in YEHA guesthouse cityhall

Dandy Guys

something in common

lovely girls :)

제주올레∼See you next time

Thank you so much!

Painting of Franch in YEHA

나를 위한 여행!

잠자리가 너무 편한 우리 예하게하

미녀삼총사 Charlie’s Angels

Victory v, shy v

WE love JejU∼

Mom and daughters lovely family trip

Happy breakfast time in YEHA

처음으로 2박이상 머문 예하^^

Welcome to YEHA

Happy yeha

9년간의 우정과 남친

역시 제주도는 캡짱 ^^