good stay Certification Mark

Yeha Guesthouse is endorsed as Good Stay by the Korea Tourism Organization.
The Good Stay logo is the Korea Tourism Organization's promise of a reliable and affordable accommodation.

2011 Year

  • 2011. NOVEMBER International Conference Project Yeha IMP Established.
  • 2011. NOVEMBER Awarded Outstanding Business Enterprise by Jeju Special Self-Governing Province - Yeha Tours
  • 2011. OCTOBER Established a Seoul based Business Office
  • 2011. AUGUST Awarded as Exclusive Tour Enterprise for China by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
  • 2011. FEBRUARY Nominated for an Outstanding Tour Product by Ministry of Culture,
    Sports and Tourism -English Day Tour / Chinese Day Tour

2010 Year

  • 2010. DECEMBER Awarded for 'an outstanding travel agency' by Korea Airports Corporation
  • 2010. DECEMBER Awarded by the Governor of Jeju.
  • 2010. SEPTEMBER Awarded Outstanding Lodge Facilities "Good Stay" by Korea Tourism Organization

2009 Year

  • 2009. NOVEMBER launched 'Chinese Day tour'
  • 2009. JULY New Guesthouse open in Jeju city
  • 2009. MARCH Select by presidng company of 'Exxon Mobil Asia-Pacific International Conference'
  • 2009. JANUARY Organized MICE exclusive attraction

2008 Year

  • 2008. NOVEMBER Selected by 'the Herald business' as an outstanding private enterprise to provide the key to a successful future.
  • 2008. JULY Started 'English Day tour' for foreign tourists as the Jeju's first inbound tour agency.
  • 2008. JULY Multinational Tour Enterprise infrastructure established for English, Chinese, and Japanese etc.
  • 2008. JULY Established the first foreigner F.I.T special tour enterprise (Yeha Tour.)

2007 Year

  • 2007. JULY Start of running the first guesthouse for foreigners on Jeju Island