Jeju Tours

※ 此服务由经营椰哈青年旅舍的椰哈旅行社提供。


  • 主要景点:性爱乐园、泰迪熊博物馆



  • 您想体验敲入您心灵深处的,能和美丽的济州岛的夜晚融合成一片的乱打演奏表演吗?乱打表演是以厨房内有可能发生的有趣故事为素材,用韩国传统曲调之一的农村音乐节奏来表演的,韩国首创的非语言戏剧。
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  • 将济州岛神秘海底世界一览眼底的潜水艇体验。
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SEOUL Package Tours
  • SIC tour is convenient and economic; it is perfect for solo travelers and business clients.
  • For Seoul Package Tours, the guest who participates our SIC tour will share the bus and guide service with other tourists.
  • Our coach and guide will go from hotel to hotel to pick up guests who signed up the tour for the day.
  • English-speaking or Chinese-speaking guide is provided for this SIC tour, and our guide will take you to all the scenic spots as what listed in the itinerary.
SEOUL Customized Services
Family Tour
The must-see sights.
Kid-friendly activities.
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Business Tour
Tailor-made program.
Business-friendly activities.
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School Tour
Educational experience.
Safe journey.
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Special Tour
Religious spots for
Catholic / Islam / Buddism.
Sporting & Recreational Activities.
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  • Customized Services is a unique & personalized tour designed for your team only.
  • Customized Services is cordinated by our professional travel advisor.
  • Seoul Customized Services is covered whole Korea based on your basic favorite places.
  • We can arrange all ground services of Hotel Accommodations, Domestic Flight, Transportations, Tour Guide, Itinerary, Meals.