General managers words


A couple of years ago I stayed on Jeju only by chance,
and I fell for it's attractiveness.
I realized that Jeju is a place that stands on equal footing
with many world class tourist locations from all over the globe.

Looking through the eyes of a foreign traveler,
I realized the difficulties involved with vacationing in another country.
Especially the problem of finding an affordable English speaking hotel.

To remedy this, I opened the "Let's go to Jeju" Exclusive Guesthouse for Foreigners in 2007.
Since then, we have transformed from a simple lodge to an organization
that helps bridge the gap between our Guests and the community allowing
the chance to experience all that Jeju has to offer.

Our aim is to provide the most pleasing and convenient stay for all our patrons.
We do our best to offer accommodations for all persons regardless of nationality, religion, or ideology.
Our goal is not only to provide the best service,
but also to tirelessly improve our ability to better suit our guests.
We promise to provide top-notch service while keeping the highest standards and codes of conduct.

2011 Nov
허 윤선  Elin Heo & 이 민구 Amin Lee